Can you vacuum carpet too much?

Vacuuming every day can cause the fiber batteries in carpets to wear out. However, dust, dirt, and everything else that gets trapped inside the carpet has a more significant deteriorating effect on the carpet. Secondly, can you vacuum too much? Believe it or not, the answer is no. Now, if you vacuumed continuously 24 hours a day, yes, it would be too much.

Vacuuming every day, or even a few times a day, isn't going to create any long-term problems. Removing greasy and non-oily dirt is so beneficial that it negates the effect of the brushes. The answer is yes, a mixer bar can damage a carpet, but only as a result of overuse or vacuuming. The damage caused by dirt and grime that settle on the carpet and destroy the fibers, as is the case with fine-grained sandpaper, is much worse.

If you use the vacuum properly and routinely, it's GOOD for the carpet, it's not harmful.

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