Is spring cleaning the same as deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning and spring cleaning are two terms that are often used interchangeably. The main difference between deep cleaning and basic cleaning is the level of detail and focus. Deep cleaning is more thorough than spring cleaning. This is because it reaches areas of your home that most people forget.

For example, a spring cleaning will clean the stove and the inside of the oven. A deep cleaning will not only pull out the heating drawer and flush out the grilles, but it will also clean the floor underneath. Deep cleaning can take up to eight hours to complete, while spring cleaning usually ends much faster. So what exactly is spring cleaning? In the most basic sense, spring cleaning is simply a thorough and thorough cleaning of every room in the house.

This goes beyond standard cleaning. You're going to sweep, scrub, and dust from ceilings to floors in every room of your home. And it's not just inside your house; you also want to freshen up the outside of the house and your car. All those nooks and crannies that you avoid, well, it's time to clean them of dirt.

It's also a good time to tidy up your life and get rid of things you don't need. In addition to offering a regular cleaning service, Housekeep also offers a unique spring cleaning service. These cleanings have traditionally been carried out in the spring months of the year, hence the term “spring cleaning”. This means performing tasks that aren't included in your standard cleaning routine, such as cleaning kitchen appliances or removing lime deposits.

Your cleaning team can provide you with all the equipment and products needed to complete a thorough spring cleaning of your home. When considering spring cleaning costs, there are many things that cleaning service companies look at before offering a quote. There is no single checklist for spring cleaning: everyone has their own priorities and the tasks required may vary from household to household. In addition to deep cleaning twice a year, you should do regular weekly or biweekly cleaning.

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