What order do you deep clean a bathroom in?

Clean soap dispensers and other countertop items. From this, clean the curtains or shower doors. For the shower curtains, you can put them in the washing machine along with the bath towels. Now is the time for the main event.

Start by applying your favorite bathroom cleaners to the toilet, sink, and shower or bathtub. Sokolowski recommends using natural cleaners, which are safer for children and pets, but if you opt for strong chemical cleaners, be sure to use protective equipment and ensure adequate ventilation in the room. Hard water can also soil glass shower doors, something I struggle with every time I clean my bathroom, and one of the best products I've found to remove build-up is the Rain-X X-Treme Clean shower door cleaner. A light cleaning is usually enough from week to week, but if you've noticed a ring in the toilet bowl, dust buildup on the extractor or persistent stains in the shower, it's probably time to do a deep cleaning, here's how to do it, according to cleaning experts.

For the shower, always make an effort to clean the walls and doors after each use while you wait for the day of deep cleaning. A deep cleaning should help to clean all the accumulated dirt, and due to frequent cleaning, it will be easier. Taking items out of the bathroom will give you enough space to facilitate deep cleaning of the floor and countertop. Bacterial and bladder infections are common in people who don't pay attention to regular, thorough cleaning of their bathrooms.

The process of deep cleaning the bathroom is not as complicated as you might think. Follow these expert-recommended steps to keep every inch of your bathroom sparkling and germ-free.

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