What is a deep spring clean?

Spring Cleaning Checklist · Wash baseboards, door ceilings, window sills, doors, and walls. Get the most out of your spring cleaning by using our spring cleaning checklist. Address every room in your house, from the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the kitchen to the living room. Spring cleaning is an opportunity to treat surfaces that you overlook on a daily basis.

Once a year, thoroughly clean the baseboards, door frames, and walls. Wash them with a sponge and a splash of dishwashing liquid mixed in a bucket of warm water. A designated cleaning day will ensure that you can go to spring cleaning, and a checklist will prevent you from forgetting about your tasks in the middle of your cleaning routine. We asked four cleaning experts how to clean a house from top to bottom and compiled their wise words into a checklist that you can easily draw up the next time you clean your house.

But if you like being able to open your windows and let in some fresh air after scrubbing every inch of your bathtub, sink, or stove, spring could be the cleaning season for you. Otherwise, you can take care of carpet cleaning yourself by renting a deep cleaner or buying a professional-style model designed for home use. Clean and repair gutters and downspouts every spring before heavy rains start and in late fall after leaves fall. Consider spring cleaning as a way to check the batteries of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Dedicate a portion of your spring cleaning efforts to thoroughly cleaning every room in your home. This comprehensive spring cleaning checklist provides an opportunity to get the whole family involved in cleaning. Not all homes and rooms have the same needs, so it's difficult to offer a detailed guide on how to deep clean. Before you start your spring cleaning journey, you'll want to make sure you have all the tools you need to complete all of the tasks on your list.

Although you probably already mop floors regularly, it's a task that you should also add to your spring cleaning checklist. If you're feeling overwhelmed by clutter, include some organizing and energy sessions in your spring cleaning program. You may have to run several cycles to finish the job, so return to this step as you go through the list of spring cleaning tasks.

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