How can i make sure my home stays clean after a spring deep cleaning?

The last thing you'll want to do after spring cleaning is to write all the things down on paper. The best way to make sure something gets done is to incorporate it into your routine. Determine which tasks should be daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal. This can vary depending on factors such as family size, so it's important to find the combination that best fits your needs.

The goal of spring cleaning is to clean the entire house, but using a dirty sponge can have the opposite effect. To prevent bacteria from spreading throughout the house, squeeze the water out of the sponge and then microwave it on high for 1 minute to kill any bacteria. Do you have a habit of constantly buying clothes but never getting rid of the old one? This leads to overflowing drawers and overcrowded cabinets. Take a moment to check your drawers and think about each piece.

Have you used it in the past 3 months? The last 6 months? If not, maybe it's time for it to go away. If seasonal items hinder your style, it may be worth putting them in the attic or in a storage unit. Guardian Storage Headquarters5879 Center Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206. Although it's usually done every three to four months, replacing the toothbrush is a great addition to the list of spring cleaning tasks. Don't forget that thoroughly cleaning the dishwasher or coffee maker can be as simple as pouring vinegar through each machine, and cleaning the microwave can be as simple as heating a container with water, vinegar and a slice of lemon before cleaning the inside.

For a more thorough cleaning in the washing machine, you can add between one and three cups of white vinegar (depending on the size of the load) to polish and deodorize. Habits are the main way to ensure that your home is maintained as well as possible from the moment the spring cleaning ends. The best way to clean a microwave when you're looking for quick cleaning is to fill a microwave-safe container halfway with water. Those are the 3 things that will make all the difference in cleaning your home after you've done all that spring cleaning.

To completely clean the kitchen, scrub the stove, run the cleaning cycle in the oven, clean the kitchen sink, and take care of the extractor hood. It's easy for your refrigerator and freezer to pile up expired food and accumulate ice, so make a note on your spring cleaning list to address this area. So you've been overwhelmed by the overwhelming desire to deep clean every inch of your home. Before using any cleaning product, Maker recommends looking for the fabric care label on the part and checking the company's website for cleaning instructions.

Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to reset and prevent old supplies from spreading more dust, dirt, and grime around the house. A spring cleaning program is a great way to maximize your time and ensure that you don't feel overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. Whether you have a full laundry room to organize or a combined washer-dryer in the closet, take advantage of the spring cleaning time to tidy up this area and clean your washing machine. A sustainable spring cleaning trick is to cut old t-shirts, towels, or socks to use as washcloths or dusters.

Even if your oven doesn't emit an unpleasant burning smell when you turn it on (you know what it is), it could probably use a proper deep cleaning.

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