What are the best products to use for spring deep cleaning?

Clorox ToiletWand disposable toilet cleaning kit. The Tineco A11 Hero is a cordless, convertible vacuum that our publisher promotes as being powerful enough to pick up embedded crumbs, sticky kinetic sand, dusty cat litter, and much more. The Bissell Little Green machine is a small, 17-inch wide device that can be taken anywhere to clean carpets and upholstered surfaces. According to our editor's test, it's intuitive to use and perfect for cleaning stains.

The Chill Bill is probably the most adorable deodorant you can buy, and it takes up about the same amount of space as a can of mineral water. All you have to do is refill this spring cleaning product with baking soda, which you can change every 3 months. Critics who live with roommates tout how effective (and beautiful) it is, since it helps neutralize odors in both the fridge and freezer. This 2-foot-long duster can extend up to 4.4 feet in length and its angled head allows you to easily dust off hard-to-reach crevices and shelves that are too high.

The fuzzy red microfiber pad is machine washable and you can even buy extras. For a home cleaner, Melissa Maker, founder of Clean My Space, combines a teaspoon of dish soap with two cups of water and 10 drops of your favorite essential oil. Likes to use eucalyptus, tea tree, or lemon essential oils, which may have antibacterial benefits. Unlike using paper towels or even sponges, microfiber cleaning cloths cut cleaning time in half because they can trap the smallest microscopic particles, to be exact, of dirt, dust and dandruff.

Becky Rapinchuk, author of Simply Clean and creator of Clean Mama, recommends her own microfiber cloth. There's no lint on surfaces and it's soft to the touch, he says. Amazon also sells an affordable pack of 24. Instead of carrying a stool from one place to another, the solution is to get an extendable duster like this spring cleaning product from OXO. The bathroom is one of the most important projects to undertake, even if you clean it frequently, and a deep cleaning will be no different.

Spring cleaning is more than just storing clothes, cleaning up all the mess, running a vacuum, or dusting shelves with a microfiber cloth. As a spring cleaning product, it will make old stains disappear without much effort, and it will make your furniture look and feel much fresher (especially if you have pets). This spring cleaning product helps remove dirt from dishes before scrubbing them, but it can also be used both on stove racks and inside the oven. From the famous TikTok cleaning devices to deals on vacuums that will remove any type of dust bunny and a carpet cleaner that will leave the floor spotless, we've found the deep cleaning tools (many of them currently at a discount) that you'll need as you go through the list of spring cleaning tasks to keep your house feeling fresh.

Lexie Sachs, executive director of textiles at the Good Housekeeping Institute, stopped by Hoda & Jenna TODAY to share nine products that will help speed up spring cleaning. The Bissell Little Green portable multi-purpose carpet and upholstery cleaner is a must have if you have carpet or fabric surfaces in your home that need retouching or deep cleaning. But it's not just about making them shiny, but about using the right products that will clean them deep below the surface and keep them looking good without wearing down the materials. And if you're doing all this work for spring cleaning, you want things to stay clean for a while, so it's a good idea to replace the toilet brush with one that has silicone bristles that retain less germs.

The spring cleaning product kit comes with microfiber cloths specifically designed to leave no scratches in its wake. This stain remover removes stains through an oxygenation process, while deeply cleaning and refreshing fabrics. If you're getting ready for a good spring cleaning as the weather starts to warm up and the sunlight starts to highlight all the dust you leave to accumulate during the cold winter months, you'll need more than just a roll of paper towels and a multi-purpose cleaner. Use the bristles to deep clean the patio, deck, and walkway; then use the other side to remove soap or water.


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